St. Joseph’s Villa is NOT in a COVID-19 outbreak.

We want to truly thank our staff, physicians, residents, essential caregivers and community for the concern and compassion you have shown us during this difficult time.  We could not have gotten through it without you.

Staff, essential caregivers, residents and support workers must continue to be diligent in following all Public Health and Ministry of Health guidelines as it relates to infection prevention and control measures and visiting restrictions per Ministry of Health Directive #3.

The COVID-19 Response Framework categorizes public health regions into five zones: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Grey; red being a measure of control to prevent transmission. The Hamilton Public Health Region is currently in the RED-Lockdown zone.

Rules for visitors will vary based on the zone of the local public health unit region in which the home is located. Additionally, the local public health unit may provide direction and/or restrictions on visitors to the home, depending on the specific situation.

All visitors to the home are required to follow public health measures (e.g., active screening, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and wearing appropriate face coverings) for the duration of their visit in the home.

All LTC homes must follow Directive #3 regarding visitors.

While in the RED-Lockdown zone, the following restrictions are in place for St. Joseph’s Villa, and are subject to additional measures by public health, based on circumstances:

  • Only one essential caregiver may visit a resident at a time.
  • Only one essential caregiver may visit a resident who is self-isolating, or symptomatic.
  • General visits cannot take place. Virtual visits can be arranged by contacting the Therapeutic Recreation team member for your loved ones’ home area.
  • Outings are restricted to those for medical or compassionate reasons. Over-night temporary absences must be assessed and approved by a Director of Care.

Detailed communication regarding any outbreak measures at St. Joseph’s Villa, including outbreak status, is provided to all staff, residents and families on a regular basis.

If you are a family member and would like to be added to the contact list to receive email updates, please call: 905 627-3541 extension 2260.