I’m budgeting for my loved one’s care. Are there set rates? Are all long-term care homes the same?

Rates are set by the Ministry of Health. Clicking on the link will provide the rates. View All Rates

Our family physician is wonderful. Can my loved one continue seeing her once he moves to the Villa?

A resident can keep his/her family physician only if the physician agrees to continue the care and has applied for privileges at the Villa. Physicians are at the Villa on a regular basis.

My loved one needs constant care. Is there 24-hour medical coverage?

We provide 24-hour full medical coverage. Personal Support Workers (PSW), Registered Nurse (RN) are on duty at all times. Registered staff administer all medications to our residents.

Do you offer other health and medical services onsite?

Various health services are available to our residents, without ever leaving the Villa! Through our medical clinics, we provide services that include dental, audiology, hearing aide, ear, nose and throat, and eye. The Step Ahead program offers foot and toenail care in resident rooms. For more information please call 905-627-9011 x 2248.

My loved one needs a wheelchair. Will you provide one?

We work together with residents and families upon moving to the Villa to provide needed mobility aides such as wheelchairs and/or walkers to meet the needs of our new residents. Upon admission, we will assess for mobility needs and discuss with residents and family for the direction they would like to go whether to Rent or to Purchase Personal Equipment. If the path is for personal equipment purchase, we will book for a personal assessment with our Occupational Therapist and Vendor of Choice, together they will facilitate the order of custom equipment. We put much emphasis on this process as it creates a smooth transition to Long Term Care living and a better quality of life, comfort and safety of residents and care providers.

I hear the Villa is a fun, active place for residents. What types of activities and social programs do you offer?

Our Therapeutic Recreation Team provides engaging, dynamic activities and social programming 7 days a week! Residents love playing Bingo, going to the Diner’s Club, making pottery, painting, as well as listening to live music and interacting with children who take part in inter-generational programs. We organize and encourage independent activities that allow your loved ones to explore their own interests and adopt new skills. In our resident home areas, we welcome family members to join in the fun and have personal and meaningful visits.

Do you have set visiting hours?

You are always welcome. We want you and our residents to feel at home. There are no set visiting hours.

Both of my parents are moving in to the Villa. Can they have their own room?

Yes! When couples move to the Villa, we do our best to find rooms for them to share together. Semi-private rooms are the most popular choice. Sometimes couples can create a sleeping area with beds on one side and a living area on the other.

Do you have to be Catholic to live at the Villa?

No. We welcome people of all faiths, all beliefs, all backgrounds. While we were founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton, today the Villa is an open and inviting home for all members of the community who are in need of compassionate long-term care.

My loved one wants to go to church. Do you offer religious services?

Yes! We offer services for many faiths. Roman Catholic Mass and Holy Communion are available daily. Ministers from community churches (Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and United) provide weekly worship services every Friday morning. We have 3 Chaplains and 1 Priest who are available to provide spiritual guidance and services to all residents.

Mass is Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. Sunday at 10:00 a.m. – No Saturday Service

My loved one has a computer. Is it safe to bring?

Absolutely! Residents are welcome to bring their computers. Please talk with your favourite Internet Service Provider to arrange for internet access for your loved one to get quick and easy online access.

Are we allowed to decorate? What about furniture? Is there space?

Of course! The Villa is home! Bring pictures, comforters, keepsakes, all the favourite comforts that will make the space unique. Before bringing any furniture, please check how much room is available. Let’s measure to make sure it will fit. We ask that any furniture pieces are made of easy to clean materials, like vinyl, leather or wood. All our rooms have a bed, large window, bulletin board, wardrobe, small chair and shelf above the bed. Welcome!

My loved one wants to bring the family cat & dog to live at the Villa. Is this possible?

Friendly pets can visit provided they are well-trained, compatible, and immunized. We ask that pets stay on a leash at all times and are never left unattended. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets living at the Villa.

I’d like to buy my loved one new clothes. What do you recommend? Do you provide laundry and dry cleaning service?

Clothing that is comfortable, machine washable and adaptable is best. Laundry service is provided and all clothing is labeled so your loved one’s favourite sweater doesn’t become someone else’s favourite too. Sorry, we do not provide a dry cleaning service.

Do you offer fresh, hot meals? What is your menu like? What about food allergies and special diets?

Our healthy, delicious meals are prepared fresh on site and served in dining rooms in each resident home area. There are always alternatives to the main daily menu and if your loved one prefers soup and/or a sandwich, they are always available at meal times. We have a full-time dietitian who helps create and adjust diets daily, based on each person’s nutritional needs.

My loved one loves my lemon meringue pie. Can you store it in your fridge for later?

We wish we could. Unfortunately we cannot store any perishable food items, but please feel free to bring some in to enjoy together!

Can I join my loved one for a meal?

Absolutely! We would love you to be our guest. Families are welcome to join their resident for a meal on the Resident Home Area dining rooms. Tickets may be purchased at reception for $7.50 per meal. For two or more people notice should be given ahead of time to the Dietary Supervisor at extension 2250.

Can I take my loved one home with me for an overnight visit?

Yes! Our residents are able to go home with family for overnight visits. Ministry standards allow residents to spend two overnight casual days away each week. For safety reasons, we must ask you please notify staff before taking your loved one outside of the Villa, even for coffee, a walk or shopping.

Once my loved one is living at the Villa, who should I call about her care?

Definitely speak with the nurse on your loved one’s home area first! If the nurse is unavailable or you need additional information, it is best to contact staff in this order:
a. Nurse in Home Area
b. Resident Care Manager
c. Assistant Director of Care
d. Chief Nursing Executive
e. Administrator