As a leader in compassionate care, we offer a range of community medical clinics available to Villa residents and community members.

Fully wheelchair accessible, our clinics are centrally located on the ground floor near the McArthur family wing of St. Joseph’s Villa campus in downtown Dundas, with free parking and no long wait lists.

Some clinics require a referral from your family physician. Others you can book with us directly. 

We are happy to be part of your care team!

Visit our community medical clinics!

Compression Therapy

Compression stockings and lymphoedema wear with Hauser’s Wellness

One of the most effective techniques to manage lymphedema & improve your health is Compression Therapy. Wearing a compression garment helps reduce swelling by working your muscles and moving lymph fluid. Call 905-381-4420 to book or email  Compression clinics are open to residents, family, visitors, staff and our community.

Dental Services

Valley Dental Care provides excellent dental care for residents, staff and community members of St. Joseph’s Villa. No referral required! Visit our website at

Book your appointment by phone or Email or call 905-627-3541 x2353.

Cherry Tree Counselling

Cherry Tree Counselling provides private pay confidential and compassionate counselling services for residents, staff and community members of St. Joseph’s Villa. No referral required! Book a free consultation at or email: for more information.

Eye / Ophthalmology Clinic

Dr. Mann sees residents of the Villa only in the clinic and has a clinic on site twice a month on Thursdays. Referrals are made by the resident, their family member or attending physician.

Dermatology Services

Dr. Mohaterham treats residents and community clients at monthly clinics on-site. A referral from your attending physician is required to book an appointment on site. Fax your referral to 905-628-0825 to the attention of the Clinics.

Ear, Nose, Throat Services

Otolaryngologist Dr. Jeney sees patients on the third Wednesday afternoon of each month.

Call to book an appointment with a referral from your family physician. Physicians can fax their referral to 905-628-0825 attention Clinics

More Information

To book your appointment at one of our clinics, please call Brenda at 905-627-9011 ext.2248

All Clinics are located on the ground level of St. Joseph’s Villa in the south wing, are easily accessed and have lots of free parking!


Free hearing test every third Wednesday of each month offered by Hear Right Canada. No referral required!