We endeavour to enhance life, at every stage, for our residents through compassionate, dignified care.

When approaching an end-of-life journey, we encourage residents and families to be involved in the decisions around physical, emotional and spiritual care. We want each individual to feel prepared, peaceful, supported, respected and loved.

We provide ongoing education and training so our staff can offer strength, comfort, consolation and support to residents and families during these difficult times.

For Residents

  • Recreation Therapy, Therapy and Dietary support as needed
  • Emotional preparation for death – grief counselling
  • Pain control in consultation with physicians
  • Family Support Services
  • On-site Bereavement & Celebration of Life Services

For Families

  • Spiritual Care & Support Services
  • Emotional preparation for death – grief counseling
  • Trained Palliative Volunteers to be present with residents to relieve families