Ms. Barbara Beaudoin, Chair of the St. Joseph’s Hamilton Joint Boards of Governors

It is my honour to serve as Board Chair of the St. Joseph’s Hamilton Joint Boards of Governors: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, St. Joseph’s Villa Dundas and St. Joseph’s Homecare. ‘One Community, One Board’ with a common mission to effectively govern 3 organizations that span across the continuum of services. With the addition of Margaret’s Place Hospice at St. Joseph’s Villa in 2021, we truly cover the spectrum from birth to end of life care in keeping with the mission of the sisters of St Joseph’s over 130 years ago.

Their mission of service, and values of dignity, respect, service, justice, responsibility and enquiry is a foundation that lives on today among our healthcare workers and leadership who show their dedication to our mission and values by providing innovative and compassionate care to our patients every day.

Three years ago, we were in the midst of the pandemic. Today, the COVID virus is still among us, but we have learned to live with its presence. Our leaders and healthcare workers have remarkably continued to innovate and pivot to bring us to a point where COVID will likely be an endemic fixture like the flu, rather than a continued pandemic. For many at St Joes, this time has been extremely difficult and exhausting, yet they have continued to answer the call to work, showing courage, dedication, compassion and professionalism. From the clinicians on a ward to the nurses who visit the sick in their homes, to the staff at our senior’s residence, they have held their heads high and got on with it. Our physicians and nurses have juggled their schedules and skills to move across different areas during the worst of COVID and our volunteers and support staff were right alongside them. There are so many special people across these 3 organizations that serve and contribute to the continuum of services for our community.

Despite all the challenges of the past 3 years, much work has been accomplished. Our strategic plan was refreshed, Community partnerships enhanced, research innovations continued to enable us to provide the care we pride ourselves on. Continuing in the footsteps of the founding Sisters, we continue to build on their legacy- their passion for healing, dedicated to the patients and community we serve and their compassion for the poor and marginalized.

Working together with our staff of dedicated professionals., the JBG remains focused on improving the experience and outcomes of the people we serve at our locations. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art care, delivered with compassion, dignity and respect.

–  Ms. Barbara Beaudoin, Chair,
St. Joseph’s Hamilton Joint Boards of Governors (JBG)


Board and Committee Member Recruitment (

Board Members

Barbara Beaudoin– JBG Chair *
Mike Heenan
Rod Dobson*
Catherine Olsiak*
Laura Harrington*
Paul O’Byrne

Peter Szota– JBG Vice Chair *
Bill Koornstra*
Rose Vespa*
Toks Olaoluwa*
Martin Powell
Mark Abradjian

Leo Perri– JBG Treasurer *
Christopher Yendt
Barry Duffey*
Patrice Valeriano
Kim Watkins
Anthony Macaluso

* denotes voting member for St. Joseph’s Villa Dundas

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The deadline for acceptance of applications to the Board is January 19th, 2024.