The Residents’ Council is made up of Residents from different Resident Home Areas. Each month, excluding July, August and December, the Council members meet to bring forth issues and concerns, which may affect Residents at the Villa. The meetings provide an opportunity to share information and ideas and to keep up to date with what is happening in and outside of the Villa. Staff representatives from Food Services, Therapeutic Recreation, Nursing and other invited guests attend the meetings to ensure that the Residents are kept informed and to address their issues and concerns. There are opportunities to be involved in research initiatives and other innovations.

Any Resident of St. Joseph’s Villa is welcome and encouraged to attend Residents’ Council meetings. The meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. A notice is posted on each floor of upcoming meeting dates. The minutes are posted in the “Resident Information Posting Binders” located in the three entrances and on the activity boards on the units.

If you would like more information regarding Residents’ Council please feel free to contact Linda Dennis at or 905-627-9011 ext. 2260.