We have a unique opportunity to respond to the spiritual, emotional and religious needs of our residents, their families and our staff.
We feel that each life is sacred, and that each individual’s life story deserves respect and care. As we embrace our residents and nurture spiritual care for them, we offer various ways of reaching them:

  • 1:1 Visitation & Support: Chaplains are available to provide 1:1 support visits with Residents, families & staff. Regular visits are offered, and also a request for visitation can simply be made by contacting Spiritual Care.
  • End of Life Care: Chaplains are available through the weekdays and are on call to provide support as needed
  • Religious Celebrations: Roman Catholic Mass (sacraments available when needed); Anglican, Baptist, United and Presbyterian services

Spiritual Care Programs include:

  • Play and Pray: a lively program for residents with dementia that incorporates play and the sharing of scripture and familiar prayers and songs
  • Prayer and Reflection: combining reflective readings with familiar hymns, musical meditation and prayer to encourage a deeper connection with God
  • Scripture and Song: opening up the scriptures and the songbook to explore the hope they have to offer our residents today
  • Bible Discussion: an opportunity for Residents to share their thoughts and feelings about the selected scriptures
  • Name That Hymn: listening to some of the old hymns of the church and then learning the story behind them and why they were written
  • Chat With The Chaplain: a program when thought provoking stories are shared and then some discussion around how they speak to the Resident’s spirituality
  • Sharing Scripture: this program provides an opportunity for those Residents who are no longer able to read the scriptures themselves, to sit and listen to the Word of God