What are your resident rates? Are they different from other homes for the aged?
Rates are set by the Ministry of Health. Clicking on the link will provide the rates. View All Rates

Can the resident retain his/her own physician?
A resident can keep his/her family physician only if the physician agrees to continue the care and has applied for privileges at the Villa. Physicians are at the Villa on a regular basis.

Is there 24-hour medical coverage?
We provide 24-hour full medical coverage. Personal Support Workers (PSW), Registered Nurse (RN) are on duty at all times. The registered staff administers all medications to our residents.

Does the home provide physical aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.?
Physical aids can be retained through our Therapy Department for a monthly fee of $25.00. Our Therapy Department will also assist you with purchasing a wheelchair or a walker.

What type of activities and social programming do you provide?
Therapeutic Recreation staff provides resident programming seven (7) days a week.

Can a resident bring a computer?
Residents are welcome to bring their computers. For internet access each resident or his/her family must arrange service, independently, with an Internet Service Provider.

Can we bring in furniture?
Bringing in furniture depends on how much room is available. We strongly encourage all our residents to personalize their rooms with a favourite chair, pictures, comforters, small table etc. All our rooms have a bed, window, bulletin board, wardrobe, small chair and shelf above the bed.

Is the resident allowed to keep a pet?
Pets can visit provided they are friendly, compatible, immunized. All pets must be on a leash.

st-josephs-villa-resident-room-2Can my parents live in the same room?
Couples are placed together at their request, often in a semi-private room.

Do you provide dry cleaning service?
An outside contractor provides laundry service. We do not provide dry cleaning.

What type of clothing should we purchase?
Clothing should be comfortable, machine washable, and adaptable.

Are special diets available?
Special diets to suit nutritional needs are provided. We have a full-time dietitian who assesses and monitors diets daily.

Does the menu offer choice?
Every meal offers a main menu and an alternative selection. Soup and sandwiches are always available at meal times.

Are meals prepared and cooked in the facility?
Meals are prepared on site and served to our residents in dining rooms in each resident home area.

Can family bring in gifts of food?
Gifts of food are accepted; however, we are not able to store perishable food items.

Can family have meals with the resident?
Families are welcome to join their resident for a meal on the Resident Home Area dining rooms. Tickets may be purchased at reception for $7.50 per meal. For two or more people notice should be given ahead of time to the Dietary Supervisor at extension 2250.

Are there visiting hours?
There is no set visiting hours. This is our residents’ home and you are welcome. Our information desk is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

Do you provide religious services?
Our two Pastoral Care associates are available to provide spiritual guidance. Daily Mass and Holy Communion are available to all of our Roman Catholic residents. Lutheran, Anglican, and Presbyterian services are alternated on Friday mornings of each week.

Are there health services such as dental, foot, eye available on site?
There various health services available to our residents through our clinic office, extension 2248. Services include dental, audiology, hearing aide, ear, nose and throat, and eye. The Step Ahead program offers foot and toenail care in the resident’s room.

To whom do I speak if I have questions and/or concerns?
When a concern arises, the nurse on the home areas should be contacted first. When the nurse is unavailable following is the appropriate contact sequence: The Resident Care Coordinator, the Assistant Director of Care, the Chief Nursing Executive and/or the Administrator.

Are residents allowed to go home with family for overnight visits.
Our residents are able to go home with family for overnight visits as per the Ministry standards which indicated that residents are entitled to two overnight casual days away each week. For safety reasons, we ask family to notify staff if they are taking a family member/resident out for a coffee, walk or shopping.