What should I bring on admission day?

You will be required to bring your Ontario health card, list of medications including bottles and dosettes, 2-3 cheques, Power of attorneys for personal and property, notice of assessment from latest tax’s ( if applying for rate reduction in basic accommodation) and a two week supply of clothing.

Can I have a phone, TV and Internet in my room?

This is welcomed in all of our rooms. It is the resident or family’s responsibility to provide each device and contact a service provider to setup the service to the room. Services are not included in the accommodation cost.
The admissions coordinator can assist you with a list of service providers.

What furniture can I bring?

All of our accommodations come with a bed, bedside table, armour dresser, over the bed wall shelf and a visitor chair. You are able to bring in cleanable, ie leather, pleather or vinyl lazy boy/lounge chair.

What to expect on the day of admission and what to expect in the days following.

You will be introduced to the Admissions Coordinator who will support and guide you through the admission process.

You will be given help to bring in your belongings, shown your new room and introduced to your roommate if applicable.

You will meet with your Nurse. This is a time for them to get to know you, and for you to ask any questions of them.

You will meet with your Personal Support Worker (PSW) to discuss what activities of daily living that you would like assistance with.

You will receive assistance with unpacking your clothes and having them labelled with your name.

Over the course of the next few days, you will meet the Programs staff, Dietitian, Physiotherapy along with many other new staff, residents and families.

Within six weeks of admission, you and your loved ones will be invited to attend an Interdisciplinary Care Conference. At this meeting you will meet with the Home’s Health Care Team to discuss your care.