The S.I.M Gym has an exercise class to fit every body!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45am Dance Aerobics Dance Aerobics
8:00am Balance Spin
8:30am Aerobics Strength Training Aerobics Strength Training Spin
9:30am Yoga Mens Strength Tai Chi Fitness
12:30pm Tai Chi Fitness Spin Beginners Yoga
1:30pm Gentle Strength Training Gentle Strength Training
1:45pm Sit And be Fit Sit And be Fit Sit And be Fit


A fun cardio class that will get your heart pumping! A great class for beginners or advanced!

Balance Class

Improve your stability and coordination. Reduce falls and improve balance! “You can always get it back!”

Dance Aerobics

Learn new dance moves in this fun cardio class – no dance experience required!

Gentle Strength Training

Working at your own pace/level using balls, bands, and light hand weights.

Men’s Only Strength Class

Learn proper form, gain strength, and have fun!

Sit and Be Fit

Cardio and strength training from a seated position using balls, light weights and resistance bands.


An exercise class done on a spinning bike that will get your heart rate up, make you sweat and make you smile!

Strength and Circuit Training

A high energy circuit style workout, using a variety of equipment and stations to build strength.

Tai Chi Fitness

A great low impact class to strengthen and stretch your body and mind.


Practice yoga asanas/postures, mindfulness and improve your strength and flexibility with breath.