We assure you that caring for residents, families, staff, volunteers and our community is our top priority. Thank you for standing with us during these uncertain times. Support from the community, residents, staff, family members, volunteers and friends has been overwhelming – we are eternally grateful!

We have mitigation measures in place to help protect the safety and security of the entire Villa family and our community.

Based on recommendations from Ontario Public Health and Directives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Long-Term Care, and Chief Medical Officer of Health we will continue to initiate the following:


Active screening for all staff, students, volunteers, support workers, essential caregivers and general visitors are required upon entering St. Joseph’s Villa. This includes outdoor visitors as well.


It is mandatory that everyone who enters the Villa participates in our swabbing efforts upon arrival to the facility.  We will continue to follow the Directives and Villa policies to determine the number of times a rapid test is required on a weekly basis. This can vary dependent on outbreak status, community spread and other factors.


St. Joseph’s Villa’s current vaccination policy states:

  • All existing and new staff are required to be fully vaccinated. The definition of fully vaccinated is in accordance with the type of vaccine that an individual has been vaccinated with. i.e. mRNA – 2 doses; Johnson & Johnson – 1 dose
  • At this time, the third dose booster will not be mandatory; however, all individuals are strongly encouraged to receive the third dose booster, and all subsequent boosters when eligible.
  • All existing and new Essential Caregivers, learners, volunteers, and all contracted staff and contractors are required to be fully vaccinated, and will be held to the same standard as staff re: vaccination and other infection control expectations.
  • General visitors will be required to be fully vaccinated at this time. This requirement for general visitors will be re-assessed on or before June 1st, and will take into account community transmission rates as we are experiencing the 6th wave of the pandemic.

The SJV vaccination policy is subject to change based on new or changes to existing Ministry Directives, and new evidence/information by health advisory bodies.


As we continue to follow all Guidance documents from the Ministry of Health and Public Health, we will do our best to ensure that visitors are welcomed. We understand that this is important to you and especially to the residents in our care. When you are planning your next visit, we encourage you to visit our website or call us at 905 – 627 – 9011 ext 0 to gather information on our current status (if we are in a current outbreak) and our current visiting protocols as they are ever changing with the nature of this pandemic.

  • If we are in an outbreak status, please note that we will not accept any general visitors onto outbreak units and only one ECG will be allowed to visit.
  • Essential Caregivers – we send out weekly communication with all visiting updates, if you are not on our email list, we encourage you to contact Linda Dennis at 905 627 9011 x2260 or email her at to be added.


Information, legislation and practices are changing daily. We will continue to update residents, family members and staff on changes to practice and operations as needed; however, the following websites are trusted resources for accurate reliable information that is kept up-to-date on a regular basis.

Public Health Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Health

Ontario Ministry of Health


Let our residents and staff know you care. Call your loved one or set up a Skype call. Our team can help you navigate through this, if Skype or videoconferencing is new to you. Send us your photos, messages, notes of encouragement to our Facebook page or email us. Thank you for standing with us.

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