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  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
8:30 am A A A A A


9:15 am G VG G G G
10:00 am BW   BW L
10:45 am G G G G G
11:30 am G/30 G/30
12:00 pm G   G
12:30 pm MM FFF
1:15 MBB
7:00 pm AAS AAS AAS


Please note: The Pool is closed on satutory holidays and holiday weekends. 

The following classes are 45 minutes and cost $6.00 per class:

(A) = Aerobics - cardio workout in the water
(AAS)= Active Aqua and Soak - 45 minute cardio and 15 minute as you wish
(G) = Gentle Water - stretching and toning workout in the water
(VG) = Very Gentle - light stretching, toning and relaxing
(MM) = Mindful Movements: Modified Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates water fit class
(MBB) = Mindful Barre & Bands - strengthing with resistance bands
(FFF) = Variety exercise workout in the water
(BW) = Parents work out with tot in the water
(L) = Open swim for adults, parents and children

The following class is 30 minutes and costs $4.00 per class:

(G30) = stretching and toning 30 minute workout

Clip card passes are available with no expiry.

For more information call (905) 627-3541 extension 2911 (messages are checked daily).

The pool is located off Overfield Street (3rd left) into our lower back parking lot. The pool door is beside the greenhouse on the left side of the building.