Capital List “A” Priority

Create a new Resident Home Area with 12 standard Long Term Care Beds

COMPLETE 2.2 Million

West Wing
Ground Floor – Swimming pool & Chair Lift and Day Centre

1.5 Million

West Wing Renovations
1st Floor – auditorium, chapel, Village market (tuck shoppe, Smoking room, chapel entrance), common area – library, Irish Pub, Games Room, Pool Table Lounge, Washrooms,

1 Million

Additional Parking

Options ranging from $500,000 to 2 Million

14 Rhapsody System 23 Hydrosound, Auto fill tubs

$24,885 each Total $348,390.

Upgrade/Replacement of Phone System and Voice mail (entire building)

Approx. $200,000

Hi-lo electric beds

$2,600 each

Bath Chairs

$13,000 each

Portable ceiling lifts

$1,360 each

*And an extensive list of B and C priority items in excess of $2 Million

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