How will my donation be used to benefit the residents and community outreach projects at St. Joseph’s Villa?
Currently, the Villa Redevelopment Project is in progress. Two new additions have been added to the existing facility and major modifications are being made to the existing building. Further details on this project can be found under our Capital Campaign page or on the Villa site. Unless directed otherwise by the donor, funds will go towards the building renovation project which are current priorities for the Villa.

Can I designate where I would like my donation to be used?
Yes, please contact the Foundation office to discuss how best to match your interests with the greatest needs. (Contact us now) Where can I get In Memorium Cards? All of the local funeral homes in Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Burlington have a supply on hand. These are not always displayed but can be provided if you request this of the funeral home. If they no longer have a supply or their supply is depleted or insufficient to meet your needs, please contact the Foundation Office directly at 627-4457.

What method of payment can I use to make a donation?
We accept cash, cheques, automatic withdrawal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Will I become a part of a mailing list that the Villa may sell to other organizations?
No, St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation does not share or sell mailing lists.